1. Out of Bounds (Rule 18)
    a) Beyond any boundary hedge or fence of the course.
    b) 2nd/11th On the driving range (over the white stakes)
    c) When playing the 2nd/11th, on or over the 3rd/12th fairway (or green).
         the first ditch, in front of the 3rd/12th tee, defines the extent of the 3rd/12th
         fairway. (I.e. beyond this ditch when playing the 2nd/11th is in bounds)
   d) When playing 5th/14th over Ray's Brook and over the White stakes to the
        left of the fairway.
   e) 7th/16th Left of the white stakes. Note; does not apply when
         playing the 8th/17th.
   f) 9th/18th Right of the lake and over the path surrounding the putting and
         chipping greens, indicated by white stakes.

2. Penalty Areas (Rule 17): -  Red stakes define all penalty areas.
    a) all lakes and ponds
    b) Beyond the Red stakes to the right of the 3rd/12th fairway.
    c) 4th/13th in addition to your options under the rules of golf, a ball may be
        dropped in the defined dropping zone
    d) the area behind the 6/15th green defined by red posts, note when taking
        relief under rule 17.1 in addition to the options under the rules a ball maybe
        dropped in the defined dropping zone.

3. Abnormal course conditions, (Rule 16) relief can be taken Under Rule 16.1b
    a) all artificially surfaced paths, sprinkler heads & valve boxes
    b) young trees identified with either stakes or protective wrapping
    c) all drainage indentations

4. Bunkers
    a) Interference from drainage grills in bunkers should be treated as abnormal
         course conditions, relief can be taken under rule 16.1c
5. Public footpath
    a) priority must be given to footpath users at all times, players should not
        proceed with play if there is any danger to a footpath user

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