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 R&A Rules of Golf “Committee Procedures” Part 6E
Deciding when play should be suspended and then resumed can be difficult decisions for a Committee.
The Committee should take the following guidelines into consideration: -
1). The Committee should use whatever means it has available to determine if there is a danger from lightning and take what        actions it believes are appropriate.
2). It is recommended that, if landing areas are no longer visible to players (for example, due to fog or darkness), play should        be suspended. 

Having discussed the problem of Dangerous Playing Conditions the Competitions Committee have agreed on the following: -

 If the Competitions Committee (Secretary or representative) determine there is a danger from lightning before a competition commences the competition start time should be delayed (if possible) until the danger passes. Should the lightning occur after play has started the Competition Committee (secretary  or representative) should suspend play and due to time restraints abandon the competition. The usual notification to cease play is a long single blast on a klaxon (or equivalent), as this is not always possible, and in this event a verbal notification will be relayed to players.
Players may also stop play on their own when they believe there is a danger from lightning (see Rule 5.7a Rules of Golf 2019).

It is recommended that, if the landing area adjacent to the right-hand bunker off the 1st Tee is not visible (due to fog/mist) before start of play, the start should be delayed until the visibility improves. When a two-tee start is used it is recommended that the marker post in the centre of the 7th fairway be used as the guide.
Due to time restraints if an 18-hole competition can’t start before 9.00am the committee may decide to play a 9-hole competition or abandon play for the day.

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