Chip-In Competition Information 

The Chip-In competition will be played on Thursday evenings. The Competition Committee will oversee the event and their decision is final. The Chip-In will be open to all members and played off ½ handicaps over the allotted 9 holes. Adjustments will be made for SSS differences between Men & Ladies, these calculations are applied when all scores have been entered. CONGU Rules for 9hole competitions will apply for any qualifying competition. Prizes will be awarded for each competition ASAP.
Order of Merit and Eclectic Competitions will be integral to all Chip-In (stroke-play) Competitions.
Any updates will be posted on Main Noticeboard & website.
For competition entry fees and food availability please See Noticeboard. Prizes agreed & funded by the Committee (from competition funds) will be awarded to the overall winners at the end of the season.

Chip-In Eclectic Rules

The Eclectic Challenge will be based on the results from all Chip-In (stroke-play) competitions. A player’s eclectic score will be their best gross score on each hole over the season minus 2/3rds of their current handicap on the date of report. The eclectic leader board will be updated after each round of the competition. Obviously, the more competitions you play in the better your chances of improving your score as the best score for each hole is taken. However, your handicap may change, if your normal handicap reduces or increases and this may also change your eclectic score. Any cards/scores which have been disqualified may not be put towards your eclectic score as the software in some cases has to ignore them, so please remember to return and sign your scorecards even if you have had a bad round as an individual score for a hole may improve your eclectic score.
Why 2/3rds of your handicap? Simply if we use full handicap it heavily favours the high handicap players & if we use no handicap it heavily favours the low handicap players. After running sample reports from last year’s data using many different allowances the use of 2/3rds produces the fairest results allowing low, medium & high handicap players to feature at the top of the leader board

Chip-in Order of Merit Rules
Position Points
1st - 15 points
2nd - 13 points  
3rd -  12 points
4th -  11 points
Reducing by one point per position until 14th - 1 point

The Order of Merit competition will be based on the results from all Chip-In (stroke-play) competitions, points being awarded according to finishing position in each competition. Should 2 or more players tie on Stableford points or on a Medal nett score the available OOM points will be divided equally between the players.
For example: If two players both score 18 Stableford points and finish 1st and 2nd on count back respectively they would share the accumulative points available for those positions, which are 15 + 13. The total = 28 so both players receive 14 points for the OOM position

April 2019  

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