Rules of Handicapping 2023: - Rules 4 & 5      (Link)

      1. Play in Qualifying Competitions. Check your Members Diary/Website for competition dates.
      2. Submit ‘General Play’ Cards.

How to submit a “GENERAL PLAY” scorecard

1) Before playing: -
   Register your intention to enter a “General Play” scorecard by either: -
      a) Signing into your “My England Golf” app, and register your intention to play.
      b) Signing into “Player Entry” on the clubs computer and register your intention to play. (Information)
                             *There is a 60 min delay, between registering your intent and being able to enter a score.
2) After Playing: -
   Check scores are correctly entered and card signed by Player & Marker: -
       a) Sign back into “My England Golf” app. and enter your scores.
       b) Sign back into "Player Entry" select “Enter Score” and enter your scores.
       c) Place entered scorecards into the box provided in Pro-shop.
a) All ‘General Play’ scores should be entered on the day played if possible.
b) England Golf will enter a ‘Net Double Bogey’ for every hole where no score is entered.
c) Any cards not returned, are treated by EG as a 'Competition No Return' and a
    PENALTY score will be added to your records..
d) General Play cards must be played on a qualifying "measured" course and the round played
     in accordance with the R&A WHS Rules of Golf.
e) Be aware that when Winter Rules are in force the course may not qualify as a "Measured Course"
     check in the pro-shop before playing.To qualify the course must not be shortened by more than 100 yards overall.
f) Your new "Handicap Index" can be seen on the “MY EG" app, or Master Scoreboard the day after scores are entered.

To register for the “My England Golf” App, see member’s website: - you will need your (10 digit) National ID No.

Roger Wood
Handicap Secretary
1st July 2021 

Horne Park Golf Club Members
Horne Park Golf Club, Croydon Barn Lane, Horne, South Godstone, RH9 8JP
Telephone: 01342 844443