Following the Golf Mark award being granted to Horne Park and concerns voiced by members, the committee have decided that in order to help ensure the safety of juniors as far as possible but at the same time to encourage them to develop their golf a set of conditions will be put in place which a junior must meet before they may compete in adult Sunday competitions.

Conditions of Competition Entry
1. Any junior wishing to enter an adult competition shall have achieved a handicap of 27 for boys or 35         for girls & will need to pass a test conducted by the Mike Yorke Golf Academy relating to points such         as safety, etiquette, rules etc. (girls are exempt under LGU rules for LGU competitions only) and the         Junior Consent form must also be returned signed by the child’s parent giving their consent that the       child may play in competition with the adults. This is to ensure the parent is aware that their child is         competing with adults.
2. No Junior shall be picked for an adult match against another club unless they have met the                        requirements above & are aged 16. Written consent must also be confirmed from a parent or                        guardian. However Juniors of any age who are considered competent to play in the Surrey Scratch          Knock Out may be selected provided the Scratch Consent form is returned giving the parents                    permission and a Surrey health and safety form is also returned.
3. No junior under 16 years shall be allowed to enter an adult singles knockout competitions or an adult        pairs competition when partners are randomly drawn. Juniors who are at least 16 years and have              passed the Mike Yorke “test” can enter any adult knockout competition.
4. When the number of juniors allow they will have their own junior competition, in a similar manner to          the ladies section.

Any juniors who wish to compete should contact the Junior Organiser or Competition Secretary for more information.

Competition Secretary

Horne Park Golf Club Members
Horne Park Golf Club, Croydon Barn Lane, Horne, South Godstone, RH9 8JP
Telephone: 01342 844443

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