Committee expectations with regard to completion dates
Knockout competitions are organised so as to give all participants sufficient time to play their matches by a deadline for a particular round. The committee is concerned that there are often reasons ( some valid but some avoidable ) where extensions are requested and the requests appear to be becoming more frequent. There has also been occasions where the competition secretary/committee have been asked to mediate between competitors which the committee feels is inappropriate and cannot continue.
In order to improve the position, please observe the following rules & guidelines if you wish to play in a knockout competition.
1. Players should organise their matches at the earliest possible moment. - not at the last minute.
2. The onus is on the players to organise their matches, not on any member of the competition                        committee. If there is a problem, do not expect the competition committee to make arrangements or        to contact one participant on behalf of the other. They should not be involved. If there is a short-term      unavoidable problem the competition committee may grant a maximum extension of 8 days past               the deadline date. However if an extension is required, it will need to be demonstrated that: - 
    (1) the match could not have been played earlier in an available period and
    (2) that the delay is due to a bone fide last minute emergency.
3. If a player feels he or she will be unable to meet the due date they should immediately withdraw and        concede the match to their opponents.
4. Participants may arrange a match to be played during a Sunday competition only if granted an                  extension and the competition secretary is made aware. They will be expected to Tee-Off before the        competition starts and will not have priority to play through unless invited.
5. If a match has not been played by the due date ( or within an extension, if granted ) and a concession      has not been made, both players or teams will be disqualified and their prospective opponents in the        next round will receive a bye. This is not the preferred approach but merely ensures the smooth                running of the competition.
6. The competition committee reserve the right to grant longer extensions in the event of the course            being closed and for semi finals & finals of knockout competitions.

7. All matches must be played on weekends unless there is an agreement by all the players involved to         play on a weekday. 5 day members must be prepared to pay any green fee due.

20th March 2007

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