In order to use the facilities provided by Handicap Master on the clubs computer the Seniors Committee have agreed to adopt the following for Texas Scramble Competitions.
Texas Scramble is not recognized as a form of golf by the R&A. As such, any questions, which arise regarding rulings, will not be answered by the R&A. The Committee have agreed that the following rules are to be effective in Seniors Texas Scramble Competitions from 10th November 2015.

1. a) A team of four players shall have a handicap of 1/10 of combined handicaps.
    b) A team of three players shall have a handicap of 1/6 of combined handicaps.
2. The Committee in charge of the competition may stipulate conditions of entry such as the number of      tee shots to be used, team selection, tees to be used etc as it seems appropriate, typically :-                       18 hole Competition:-
      a) Each player in a team of 4 shall take a minimum of 4 drives.
      b) Each player in a team of 3 shall take a minimum of 5 drives and a maximum of 7 drives.                            9 hole Competition:-
     a) Each player in a team of 4 shall take a minimum of 2 drives.
     b) Each player in a team of 3 shall take a minimum of 2 drives and a maximum of 4 drives.
3. All team members shall drive off from the tee, and One Ball shall be selected. Once selected the                  position must be marked. The ball may be lifted, cleaned and must be placed not dropped within 12”        of the original spot no nearer the hole everywhere on course except on the putting green where it            must be placed on the exact spot. In a bunker it must be placed within a 12”radius of the spot                       Which can be nearer the hole (See Section 6).
4. Once a ball has been selected and marked the team may play from that position in any order they              wish. No player may play a second shot from this or another position until all the team has played or a      new position has been selected. If a player does play a second shot the stroke is cancelled and a                1-stroke penalty should be added to the score for the hole.
5. Should a ball be selected which lies in a bunker the ball must be marked and the first player may place      the ball within a 12” radius of that spot and in the bunker, Which can be nearer the hole. The following       players must proceed in the same way. A player may rake the bunker prior to playing their shot.
6. Should a player break a rule of golf where the penalty would normally be 1or 2 strokes that stroke may     be cancelled under no penalty providing the ball is not selected for the next shot. If the team wishes       to use that ball for the next shot they must add the normal penalty strokes.
7. Should a ball be selected which is in a water hazard the usual options are available to the team. They        may play the ball as it lies under no penalty or may drop a ball under the normal water hazard rules            and must apply a 1-stroke penalty to the score for the hole.

The R&A Rules of Golf do not cover Texas Scramble as it does not recognize it as a form of golf as such in order to promote fair play the Seniors Committee have produced these rules. Please ensure that your team play within the spirit of and to the normal rules of golf and apply the above rules as necessary. Should a situation occur which is not covered by these rules the committee will make a ruling on the decision and their decision shall be final.
When using the Computer for a Texas Scramble, the First Player of the team to signs-in will be asked to enter the names of the 2nd & 3rd players, finally he will be asked whether there is a 4th player if so their name should also be added.

                          Please remember these rules only apply during a Texas scramble.
Other golf clubs and societies will have their own Texas Scramble rules, which may be different.

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