Due to the continuing rise in numbers now wishing to play in midweek & weekend competitions the Committee would ask you to assist in the smooth running of these competitions by: -

Adding your name to the list of those who wish to play in the competition.
The entry list can be found on the club’s noticeboard two weeks prior to the competition.
The start sheet are normally available 3-4 days prior to the competition and displayed on noticeboards and website.
Names can be added at the bottom of the start sheet and every attempt will be made to include you in the competition.

Arriving 20 minutes prior to your tee time and before going to practice: -
     a) Register with the competition coordinator, usually a member of the competition committee.
     b) Sign-in on the computer. (Remember if it’s a team competition all members of the team need to be entered together).

Phoning the clubhouse and leaving a message if you can’t play: -
     a) Prior to the day, your name can be removed from the list of those wishing to play.
     b) On the morning, a message can then be passed to the competition coordinator and your time slot reallocated.

Entering your scores into the computer as quickly as possible. If late finishers drop their cards off as they pass the clubhouse a committee member will start to enter them.

Paying your competition fee promptly before sitting down with a cup of coffee.

These simple steps would help in the running of all competitions and minimise delays in announcing competition results.

Competition Secretary

25th February 2020  

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