To the Competitions Committee: -
To assist in the administration of competitions and handicaps, the Competitions Committee require
all competitors to “sign-in” using the Player Entry System on the computer before competing.
The Competitions Committee have agreed that all competitors in addition to signing and returning
their scorecard must also enter their scores including non-returns into the Player Entry System.
Any disputes relating to a competitor’s score will be referred-back to the original scorecard.
Any player who regularly refuses or fails to follow the above guidelines may be banned from further
competitions at the Committees discretion

To Other Players: -
Follow the guidelines below and REMEMBER: - Target 9 holes in 2 hours.
1 - Play READY GOLF when it’s safe to do so and AVOID SLOW PLAY.
2 - In Stableford/Max-score Competitions PICK-UP if you can't score.
3 – If your ball may be lost: - play a PROVISIONAL BALL before going to look for it.
4 - You MUST allow a following group to PLAY THROUGH if you lose ground to the group in front.
5 - Don't stand ON/NEXT to the green marking the score card: - go to the next Tee and do it there.
6 - Be ready to play your next shot without UNNECESSARY delay (Target time 40 seconds).
7 - When you reach the green: - leave your clubs at the side NEAREST the next Tee area.

To the Golf Course: -
All golfers should help the green keepers in maintaining the course to the highest standard by: -
1 - Replacing ALL divots and repairing ALL pitch marks is an essential aspect of golf, As repairing
      your pitch mark helps maintain a good putting surface for everyone.
             a) A pitch mark left unrepaired for ten minutes or longer takes 15 days to recover,
             b) But a pitch mark repaired within five minutes recovers completely in 24 hours.
2 - Please RAKE any bunker visited after playing your shot.

Please put all litter into the bins provided.

23rd September 2019  

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