Ladies Knock Out Competitions

Knockout Rules


Winter Doubles: format: Foursomes Matchplay - Matches are underway

Winter Singles: format - Matchplay - matches are underway so make sure you get your match played on time.



Summer Singles: The draw has been made.  Sue Francis won against Rosie Christie in the Final.

Summer Doubles - 4BBB - Randa Mattar & Elisabete Bingham won against Shirley Luckman & Rosemary Golby in the final.


Winter Doubles: format: Foursomes Matchplay - The final was Rosemary Golby & Shirley Luckman against Chris Davies & Heather Drysdale.  Chris & Heather came out the winners so congratulations to them and commiserations to Rosemary & Shirley

Winter Singles: format - Matchplay - the final was won by Rosie Christie, congratulations and commiserations to the runner ups Rosemary Golby

Results from 2018


Summer Doubles: format: 4BBB Matchplay (90%) - Rosemary & Shirley beat Mary & Kerry on the 21st hole!

Summer Singles: format - Matchplay (full handicap difference) -  Doreen Benson won against Sue Hunt.

Summer Plate   Matchplay (full handicap difference) - The final was won by Tricia Hughes against Anne Dupres.

Winter 2017-2018

Winter Doubles: format: Foursomes Matchplay - The final was won by Maggie Stansfield & Jo Stone with the runners up being Michelle Singleton & Rosie Christie.  Well played ladies!

Winter Singles: format - Matchplay - The final was won by Rosemary Golby with Maggie Stansfield the runner up.  Well done to both of you!

Results from 2017


Singles Draw  Matchplay: The Final was won by Mary Davis-White against Anna Eldred

Doubles Draw  4BBB - The Final was won by Doreen Benson & Sue Hunt with Rosie Christie & Michelle Singleton being the runners up.

Summer Plate  Matchplay: full handicap - The Final was won by Rosie Christie against Shirley Luckman.

Winter 2016-2017

Winter Doubles: format: Foursomes Matchplay - The winners are Mary & Kerry Davis-White, runners up Sue Hunt & Doreen Benson. 

Winter Singles: format - Matchplay - The winner is Kerry Davis-White, runner up is Rosemary Golby.

Results from Summer 2016

Singles Draw  Matchplay: full handicap.  Zara Cox was the winner and Tricia Hughes the runner-up.

Doubles Draw  4BBB - 90% of the difference to the lowest handicapper.  Sue Hunt & Doreen Benson were the winners with Shirley Luckman & Rosemary Golby runners-up.

Summer Plate  Matchplay: full handicap.  This is for those who did not get past their first round in the Singles.  The final was won by Maggie Stansfield with the runner-up being Tuula Rayment.

Results from Winter 2015-16

Singles Draw  Matchplay - the winner was Mary Davis-White with Kerry Davis-White the runner-up.

Doubles Draw  Foursomes - the winners were Sue Hunt & Doreen Benson with Mary & Kerry Davis-White the runners up.

Results from Winter 2014-15

Singles Draw  Matchplay: full handicap. Winner: Kerry Davis - well done Kerry!

Doubles Draw  Foursomes match play - 1/2 handicap.  Winners: Sue Hunt & Doreen Benson - well done ladies!

Results from Summer 2015

Singles Draw  Matchplay: full handicap. Well done to Zara Cox on a hard fought final.

Doubles Draw  4BBB - well done to Sue Francis & Helen Phillips - winners!

Summer Plate: Won by Anna Eldred - well done!

Results from Winter 2013-14

Singles Draw  Matchplay: full handicap. WINNER: Rosemary Golby. Runner Up: Kerry Davis

Doubles Draw  Foursomes match play.  WINNERS: Rosemary Golby & Shirley Luckman. Runners Up: Joy Tilley & Maggie Stansfield

Results from Summer 2014

Singles Draw  Matchplay: WINNER: Jo Stone. Runner Up: Rosemary Golby

Doubles Draw  Four Ball Better Ball: WINNERS: Helen Philips & Lorraine Everard. Runners Up: Rosemary Golby & Shirley Luckman

Plate Draw  Matchplay: WINNER: Heather Drysdale

Results from Winter 2012-13

Singles Draw   Winner Kerry Davis. Runner Up: Sue Francis

Doubles Draw  Winners Doreen Benson & Kerry Davis. Runners Up Helen Phillips & Louise Vincent

Results from Summer 2013

Singles Draw  -  Winner: Doreen Benson/Runner-Up: Shirley Luckman

Doubles Draw -  Winners: Kerry Davis & Doreen Benson/Runners Up: Mary White & Shirley Luckman

Plate Draw - Winner: Maggie Stansfield/Runner-Up: Heather Drysdale

Results from Summer 2012

Singles Draw  - Winner was Gemma Francis - Runner Up was Lorraine Everard

Doubles Draw - Winners were Zara Eng & Kathy Lloyd - Runners Up were Shirley Luckman & Mary White

Plate Draw - Winner was Lynda Heard - Runner Up was Yvonne Creasey

Results from Winter 2011-12

Singles Draw   Winner was Karen Turner - Runner up was Lorraine Everard

Doubles Draw    Winners were Fran Britton & Karen Turner - Runners Up were Mary White & Shirley Luckman

Results from Summer 2011

Singles      Winner: Heather Drysdale - Runner Up: Lorraine Everard    

Plate Singles  Winner: Sue Francis - Runner Up: Mary White

Doubles   Winners: Helen Phillips & Louise Vincent  -  Runners Up: Lorraine Everard & Mary White

Results from Winter 10-11

Singles   Winner: Mary White   -  Runner Up: Lorraine Everard

Doubles  Winners: Lin Halls & Loraine Chappell   -     Runners Up: Rosemary Dunn & Diane Coombes