Competition Date:- Competition 01/03/2020 Cancelled - Next one will be on Sunday 15th March 2020


The Committee would ask you to assist in the smooth running of competitions : -

    1) By Arriving 20 minutes prior to your tee time and before going out to practice: -

       a)    Register with the competition coordinator.

       b)   Sign-in on the computer. (If itís a team competition all members need to be entered together).

2)   By Paying your competition fee before sitting down with a coffee.


3) By Phoning  the clubhouse and leaving a message if you canít play: -

       a)    Prior to the day, so your name can be removed from the list.

       b)   On the morning, a message can then be passed to the competition coordinator.


4)   By Entering your scores into the computer as quickly as possible when finished playing.


These simple steps would help in the running of competitions and minimise delays in announcing the competition results.

SLOW PLAY : -9 Holes should take no more than 2 hours, 

So please follow these simple suggestions :-

1) If you can't score in a Stableford Competition
2) In Medal Competitions if your ball may be lost play a
PROVISIONAL before going to look for it.
3) Allow the following group to
PLAY THROUGH if you loose ground on the group in front.


Thank you for your co-operation